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Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean and free from peeling paint, mould, dirt, dust and grease. Sanding or priming is generally unnecessary, as the paint will stick to most surfaces. Painting on plastic, glass and metal may require use of an appropriate base coat. Occasionally, tannin rich timber may leach and require a sealant to be applied prior to painting. Test your piece first, and if so use a stain blocker, primer or undercoat.


Shake the tin well and stir with a broad flat stirrer. Pour out the required amount of paint into a separate container and reseal the tin airtight for longevity. Apply the paint with a good brush, foam roller or spray gun. In optimum conditions, the paint is touch dry in 30 minutes and can be recoated after 2 hours. Two coats are generally sufficient to achieve excellent coverage and opacity. This tin will cover about 7 to 8 square metres depending on the substrate. Allow the paint to cure fully for about 7 days before decorating to ensure no paint scratches.


Our Mineral Paint is formulated with a built-in topcoat and does not need sealing. To remove unwanted drips or brush strokes between coats, sand when the paint is touch dry. Avoid sanding the final coat of paint where possible, as this will disturb the built-in topcoat and will need resealing. For added durability and protection in high traffic areas, applying a sealant is recommended. Use any of our Waxes, Polyseal or Finishing Oils to both protect and achieve the desired decorative look for your piece.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to different monitor settings, it is difficult to get a totally true idea on the colour of the paint without seeing it in person so please allow for a very slight variance in colours.

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