Faux Grass-Cloth Fabric Technique

Faux Grass-Cloth Fabric Technique

This technique is such a beautiful and affordable way to add some texture to a piece. I am hoping you can actually see it OK through the photos as it is quite subtle!

I had so much interest for them and they sold in less than 24 hrs for $380. 

Let me break down how i did it for you;

1. Scuff Sanded & Cleaned

2. Usually i would prime first but i was all out of primer so i just used a cream coloured Chalk Paint as the primer/base coat. I applied two thick coats of this for a more textured finish. 

3. Once i allowed a couple of hours for the Chalk Paint to set i created a glaze mix using 2 parts paint to 1 part glaze. The colour i used here is Autumn Chalk Paint (Made By Paint) mixed with their glaze product.

4. I used a flat brush to apply this, working quickly to ensure i had enough time to do the strokes with the nylon brushes before it dried.

5. Once the glaze was on i grabbed the nylon brush and with a sweeping motion, dragged it down in vertical lines. I then went over it doing horizontal lines to create the grass-cloth look. I used a smaller brush on the edges of drawers.

The key is to try and hold the brush as straight as possible and work quickly before it starts to dry. You'll also want a rag handy so you can keep wiping off any excess glaze mix from the brushes as you go.

Work in sections, applying glaze and creating the strokes. 

6. Once it dried i used a foam gloss roller to apply a water-based polyurethane to seal for durability. I chose a satin finish so it created a lovely sheen!

I am so happy with how these turned out and i will definitely be doing it again soon!




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